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Known Issues with current release

If you've hit a bug or see a compiler warning, please report it. The following issues are known. Please mail me if you require updated source prior to the next release. See also the list of limitations which are not considered "bugs".

Bugs noted as "Fixed in the next release" are also fixed in the develop branch on github.

v1.4: Released 6th January 2019

  • kplex accepts abnormally short sentences. A "sentence" with a legal start character ('$'/'!'), and terminated appropriately will be accepted by kplex even if it doesn't have the required number of characters for talker ID and sentence formatter. This can lead to unpredictable behaviour in the filtering of those sentences. Fixed in the next release.
  • preamble is not sent on reconnection of persistent, one-way tcp interfaces. Fixed in the next release but workaround is to make the interface bi-directional, filtering all input or output if necessary.
  • Bi-directional broadcast interfaces do not ignore their own output. Broadcast storms are prevented due to kplex not re-sending read data on the same interface but duplicate data will end up in the multiplexor. This is fixed in the next release but a workaround may be to add an "ifilter" to exclude sentences your kplex instance is transmitting on that interface.
  • kplex fails to start at boot on newer Linux systems but subsequently runs without problems. This is commonly caused by systemd's treatment of the "network" target. The legacy init files kplex 1.4 uses for startup tell kplex to wait for network initialization, but systemd will in some circumstance start kplex before all network interfaces are fully configured, leading kplex to fail on startup. The next release of kplex includes a unit file which should resolve this but 1.4 users may replace the current init files with a new unit file on raspberry pi OS systems as follows: sudo update-rc.d -f kplex remove sudo mv /etc/init.d/kplex /usr/share/kplex/kplex.init sudo wget -O /lib/systemd/system/kplex.service sudo systemctl enable kplex
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