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Released 6th January 2019

  • Fixed crash with checksumming enabled
  • Various queue length changes
  • Changed default input processing to "loose" for file interfaces
  • Minor change to how default values for "strict" applied
  • Fixed possible null pointer exception in serial interface argument processing
  • Minor changes to persistent tcp behaviour
  • Add support for B460800 and B230400 baud rates
  • Make lowering file descriptor limits debug rather than warning
  • Fix lack of null termination on interface names
  • Make ~/.kplex.conf per-user conf file on OSX deprecating previous location
  • Add -p option for pid file
  • Add man page
  • Fix errors in preamble parsing


Released 26th June 2016

  • Fixed crash / unpredictable behaviour with "optional" interfaces
  • Fixed port selection problem with udp interfaces


Released 7th May 2016

  • Fixed filtering which was broken in 1.3.1
  • Fixed crash when openvpn and similar interfaces configured on a system


Released 21st April 2016

  • Added gpsd support
  • Fixed various udp handling bugs
  • Fixed various bugs on tcp reconnect
  • Improve reconnection handling
  • Added much more debugging
  • Give interfaces default names


Released 27th September 2015

  • Fixed various uninitialised pointer fixes
  • Updated Makefile for OpenWRT and github builds
  • Accept NULL as a sentence terminator with "strict=no"
  • Fixed problem with non-truncation of output files
  • Better guessing of UDP interface parameters
  • Define ACCESSPERMS, remove redundant declarations, add header guards
  • Fixed bug in source filtering
  • Added option to re-enable nagle for TCP interfaces
  • "-d" flag now documented with additional debugging
  • Default queue sizes reduced and SNDBUF size reduced
  • Added optional interface to filter rules


Released 15th April 2015

  • Added udp interface type
  • Added "strict" option and potential for looser parsing constraints
  • Added "preamble" option to tcp interfaces
  • Added AIS coalescing
  • Fixed bugs in failover specification parsing
  • Fixed file output to non-pre-existing files


Released 6th February 2015

  • Added option for src TAGs to use input interface name
  • Added options for owner, group and permissions to be specified for output files and pseudo terminals
  • Fixed problem with reconnects when "tcp=fromstart" specified
  • Fixed race condition in tcp reconnection
  • Fixed bug opening regular files
  • NetBSD portability
  • Fixed bug in TAG checksumming


Released 12th November 2014

  • Added "fromstart" to persist option
  • Fixed timestamp bug
  • Fixed problems with eol=rn option
  • Fixed multicast interface selection bug
  • Fixed serial ports previously not working with OS X
  • Fixed bug in outbound TAG additions on serial lines


Released 4th June 2014

  • Improved handling of TAG blocks
  • TAG-based second and millisecond timestamping
  • TAG-based source identification on outgoing packets
  • Experimental "GoFree" support
  • "loopback" option for feeding data back to the source it came from
  • Greatly improved TCP persistence including configurable keepalives and send timeouts
  • Greater range of baud rate options for serial/pty interfaces
  • More consistent interface naming scheme
  • Ability to mark interfaces "optional" which might not be available at startup
  • Simplification of multithreading structure for improved compilation on embedded platforms
  • Code changes to re-enable compilation on older versions of OS X (tested to 10.6)
  • Fixed bug in default broadcast port handling


Released 31st August 2013

  • Added multicast support
  • Added "persist" and "retry" options for tcp client interfaces
  • Added support for rate limiting
  • Disable Nagle algorithm on tcp interfaces
  • Fix bug in appending to non-existent files
  • Fixed hang when configuration with no inputs specified
  • Corrected multiple typos


Released 25th June 2013

  • Fixed error with seatalk flag in serial.c
  • Fixed makefile for bsd/macos
  • Improved error reporting for broadcast interfaces
  • Fix failure-to-exit bug when using tcp server
  • Special handling of and improved support for FIFOs
  • Ignore SIGPIPE to avoid crashes writing to FIFOs
  • Added append mode for output files
  • Enable use of redirected standard input and output in background mode
  • Added persist flag for FIFOs
  • Added eol option for \r\n line termination with file interfaces
  • Make file output line buffered
  • Reduce max sentence size to the 80 chars it was always meant to be
  • Fixed tcp server filter inheritace bug
  • Fixed bug resulting in qsize option being ignored for tcp and serial


Released 31st March 2013

  • Fixed crash when interface error condition encountered on startup


Released 4th March 2013

  • Fixed bug with input interfaces exiting before output startup
  • Updated documentation to correctly describe use of "device" option
  • Fixed segv in file error handling
  • Fixed crash with input-only tcp servers
  • Added "-V" flag for version identification


Released 16th January 2013

  • Fixed bugs in shutdown of tcp server
  • Minor changes to error handling and cosmetic source tweaks
  • Source tidy for new Debian packaging
  • Added example configuration file to source and debs


Released 27th December 2012

  • Fixed crash and hang on exit with unidrectional tcp servers


Released 18th December 2012

  • Fixed "port out of range" problem with non-standard broadcast UDP interfaces


Released 10th December 2012

  • Fixed compatibility issues with IFNAMSIZ and PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE


Released 30th November 2012

  • Added support for FreeBSD
  • Explicit enabling of IPv6-mapped-IPv4 for platforms where this is disabled by default for AF_INET6 sockets


Released 28th November 2012

  • Fixed multiple problems with broadcast interfaces
  • Fixed bug in handling of unclosed quotes arround arguments


Released 27th November 2012

  • Changed user config file to ~/Library/Preferences/kplex.ini on OS X
  • Source tidy to silence compiler warnings on OS X


Released 21st November 2012

  • Initial public test release
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