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Examples and Tutorials

This is a collection of examples of kplex in use. the first section contains tutorials I have knocked together rapidly so may contain errors. Please Let me know if you spot any errors or wish to make suggestions for improvement.

The second section contains links to projects other people have integrated kplex into. These are far more interesting and better written. If you've written up a kplex-based project, please Let me know and I will link to it here.


Projects using kplex

  • websocketNMEA

    Erland Hedman's lovely "analogue" glass bridge instrument application (code here).

  • Openplotter

    The all-in-one chart plotter (OpenCPN), multiplexor, access point, SDR-AIS and general marine IoT solution for Raspberry Pi.

  • kplex on a MIPS router

    RobbieW has compiled kplex for his MIPS-based Asus RT-N16 router running Tomato.

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