Rum Lola (Rum)

appealing picture of a Rum Lola The Rum Lola was first conceived following an evening at the pictures during which myself and my companions viewed Tom Tykwer's movie "Lola Rennt", released in the UK as "Run Lola Run".

Struck by the lead character's hair, a shade of red which I had been toying with trying myself, and in need of refreshment, we set about creating a drink of equally appealing hue. After some experimentation, the Rum Lola was born.

This drink may seem to have more ingredients than should be required for a beautifully simple cocktail, but I think the rather unique and coherent taste of this drink overcomes objections to its complexity.


4 parts dark rum
4 parts vodka
8 parts pink grapefruit juice
2 parts lime juice
2 parts cointreau
1 part grenadine.

Shake and serve in a chilled cocktail glass.